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Soaring for C! teamed up with York University Women's Basketball for a Christmas Book Drive for local schools and daycares across York County, Nebraska. 

We raised right under 2,500 books!

 Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
All books raised are being sent out to multiple foster care homes, CASA, day cares, & being personally delivered by your YUWBB members! 

Thank you to all of the schools & community members that participated in the book drive, we could not of done this without your help!!


These books were raised for local Foster cares & any other local entity that could benefit from the joy of reading.


Reading is one way you can be able to escape from the world around you, especially when things might be tough. 


We love to pay it forward in Cessna's honor.

Any act of kindness or compassion goes a long way.


Since starting Soaring For C! and the Random Acts of Kindness Project has spread over 10,000 cards and are currently circulating through the entire world! 

Please contact us if you would like some RAK cards to spread in Cessna's honor.



Character Scholarship Award

Soaring For C! will also be providing college scholarship funds on a yearly basis for graduating high school seniors.


This year there are three recipients. Two from York High School and one from Fillmore Central High School. 


The Soaring For C! Character Scholarship Award is given to students that show consistent character in their decision making and interactions with others. Their integrity, their kindness, their words, and daily actions are the reason why they are receiving this award. 


These students were nominated by educators and/or directors of the Soaring For C! Foundation. The gift is a $1000 dollar scholarship for each recipient to be used for their continuing education.


Cessna, in coinciding with her values, would be in agreement of the recipients of this year’s award.


The recipients of the 2022 Soaring For C! Character Scholarship Award are:


Tristyn Pinney, York High School

Nathaly Argueta, York High School

Teneal Barbur, Fillmore Central High School

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When Soaring For C! became a non profit foundation, it was a way for Cessna's family to find healing through helping others.

We were chosen as the benefactor for Zephyrfest this year and WOW!!!...the community showed up!!! By community, I mean family and friends, the small but mighty Bridging the Gap Committee, the businesses that helped sponsor the event, the bands that were there to put on the show, the band followers, the Soaring For C followers, those that have completely embraced our family from miles and thousands of miles away. And those that have been affected by suicide, those that have survived suicide themselves, and everyone out there struggling mentally that showed up and continue to show up everyday, despite life.

Wow! Wow!! WOW!!!

Through Zephyrfest we received a monster donation this week...$14,000...combined with $1500 that Soaring For C received directly within the 2 weeks following the event....for a total of $15, 500!!!

Just saying 'thank you" feels inadequate. Raising this amount of money for a little non profit, created out of greif and love, is extraordinary and humbling at the same time

Thank you to everyone for your kindness, generosity, and in all of the ways you have supported us


Life is hard and intertwined with highs and lows. We suffer. We rebound. We hope things become easier. Life becomes good. But then it becomes hard again.


And then maybe a downward spiral.

Sometimes it gets so hard that it's difficult to imagine rebounding.

But what if there was a small glimmer of hope. Maybe that glimmer is a friend. Maybe that glimmer is a stranger.

What if you were able to take a chance... and tell someone, anyone how you feel? Its hard to open up. But people are innately good and kind hearted and want to listen and help. What if you trusted someone to help you? What if that glimmer begins to help you climb out of your low?

What if someone was kind to you?

What if you were kind?

What if you felt loved?

What if you loved?

What if you felt important and appreciated?

What if you showed how important someone was to you?

What if tomorrow needs you?

What if you need tomorrow too?

You are never alone and you are loved

We need each other

This is our purpose

Soaring For C!

Thank you @everyone


Starbucks Neighborhood Grants


Soaring For C! is proud to announce that we have been selected for



$1,000 Grant!

This grant is part of The Starbucks Foundation, Neighborhood Grants program, through which one or more Starbucks partners/employees nominated Soaring For C! based on our work within our communities.  

During Starbucks Global Month of Good in April 2022, Starbucks received over 18,000 submissions from Starbucks partners across the U.S. and Canada and are proud to recognize and support Soaring For C! as one of 1,700 nonprofits selected to receive a Neighborhood Grant! 

Thanks to York, NE. Starbucks partners for our nomination;

Brea Sorgenfrei, District Manager

Vanessa Meade, Store Manager

Christina Shepherd, Shift Supervisor

Along with the entire @Starbucks Foundation for recognizing how

Soaring For C! is making our communities stronger everyday! 

Cessna thoroughly enjoyed her coffee. 

Especially, Starbucks Coffee.

At home or on the go, Cessna always chose Starbucks. 

Bottle, can or cup. 

Now the tables have turned. 

Thank you Starbucks for choosing Cessna! 

With this grant we will be further allowed to provide more student scholarships, mental health trainings, mental health and motivational speakers, as well as future kindness projected 

Neighborhood Grants strengthen longstanding and newly established community connections that partners are nurturing and building as community champions, all in service of our neighborhoods. The organizations nominated are supporting social services, empowering youth, fighting hunger, addressing homelessness, advancing inclusion, diversity & equity, and much more. 

You can find more information about the Neighborhood Grants on

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